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Key Dates in AA

The Full Story

January 1:
1946: The A.A. Grapevine increased the cost of a year's subscription to $2.50.
1948: "Columbus Dispatch" reported first anniversary of Central Ohio A.A. Group.
1948: First A.A. meeting was held in Japan, English speaking.
1988: West Virginia A.A. began first statewide toll-free telephone hotline.

January 2:
1889: Bridget Della Mary Gavin (Sister Ignatia) was born in Ireland.
2003: Mid-Southern California Archives moved to new location in Riverside.

January 3:
1939: First sale of Works Publishing Co. stock was recorded.
1941: Jack Alexander told Bill Wilson the Oxford Group would be in his Saturday Evening Post article on A.A.

2024: Washington Post Declares Sobriety is in for its annual In/ Out list.

January 4:
1939: Dr. Bob stated in a letter to Ruth Hock that A.A. had to get away from the Oxford Group atmosphere.
1940: First A.A. group was founded in Detroit, Michigan.
1941: Bill and Lois Wilson drove to Bedford Hills, NY, to see Stepping Stones and broke in through an unlocked window.

January 5:
1941: Bill and Lois visited Bedford Hills again.
1941: Bill Wilson told Jack Alexander that Jack was "the toast of A. A. -- in Coca Cola, of course."

January 6:
2000: Stephen Poe, compiler of the Concordance to Alcoholics Anonymous, died.

January 7:
1984: "Pass it On" was published on this date.
January 8:
1938: New York A.A. split from the Oxford Group.

January 12:
1943: Press reported the first A.A. group in Pontiac, Michigan.

January 13:
1988: Jack Norris, M.D., Chairman/Trustees of A.A. for 27 yrs. died.
2003: Dr. Earle Marsh, author of "Physician Heal Thyself," sober 49 years, died INTERVIEW -- "Dont forget how desperately we need one another"  He also wrote "Thank God for Despair"  Which appears on AA Grapevine

January 15:
1941: A.A. Bulletin No. 2 reported St. Louis group had ten members.
1941: Bill Wilson asked Ruth Hock to get him "spook book," "The Unobstructed Universe."
1945: First A.A. meeting held in Springfield, Missouri.
1948: Polk Health Center Alcoholic Clinic for Negroes started operations with 14 willing subjects. The Washington Black Group of A.A. cooperated with the clinic.

January 17:
1919: 18th amendment, "Prohibition," became law.

January 19:
1940: First A.A. group met in Detroit, Mich.
1943: Canadian newspaper reported eight men met at "Little Denmark," a Toronto restaurant, to discuss starting Canada's first A.A. group.
1999: Frank M., A.A. Archivist since 1983, died.

January 20:
1954: Hank Parkhurst, author of "The Unbeliever" in the first edition of the Big Book, died in Pennington, NJ.

January 21:
1951: A.A. Grapevine published memorial issue on Dr. Bob.

January 23:
1961: Bill W. sent an appreciation letter, which he considered long-overdue, to Dr. Carl Jung for his contribution to A.A.

January 24:
1918: Bill Wilson and Lois Burnham were married, days before he was sent to Europe in WW I.
1971: Bill Wilson died in Miami, Florida, only weeks after sending a postcard to Senator Harold Hughes of Iowa, saying he wanted to live long enough to see Hughes become President.

January 25:
1915: Dr. Bob Smith married Anne Ripley.

January 26:
1971: New York Times published Bill Wilson's obituary on page 1.

January 27:
1971: The Washington Post published an obituary of Bill Wilson written by Donald Graham, son of the owner of the Washington Post.

January 30:
1961: Dr. Carl Jung answers Bill's letter with "Spiritus Contra Spiritum."

Other significant things that happened in January (no specific date available):

1938: Jim Burwell, author of "The Vicious Cycle," a former atheist, gave A.A. "God as we understand Him."
1940: First AA meeting not in a home meets at Kings School, Akron, Ohio.
1942: "Drunks are Square Pegs" was published.
1951: The A.A. Grapevine published a memorial issue on Dr. Bob.
1984: "Pass It On," the story of Bill W. and how the A.A. message reached the world, was published.
February 1:
1918: Original date set for Bill Wilson's marriage to Lois Burnham. The date was moved up because of the war.

February 2:
1942: Bill Wilson paid tribute to Ruth Hock, AA's first paid secretary, who resigned to get married. She had written approximately 15,000 letters to people asking for help

February 5:
1941: Pittsburgh Telegram ran a story on the first AA group's Friday night meeting of a dozen "former hopeless drunks."

February 8:
1940: Bill W., Dr. Bob, and six other AA's asked 60 rich friends of John D. Rockefeller Jr., for money at the Union Club, NY. They got $2,000.
1940: Houston Press ran first of 6 anonymous articles on A.A. by Larry J.

February 9:
2002: Sue Smith Windows, Dr. Bob's daughter died.

February 10:
1922: Harold E. Hughes was born on a farm near Ida Grove, Iowa. After his recovery from alcoholism, he became Governor of Iowa, a United States Senator, and the leading dark horse for the Presidential Democratic nomination in 1972, until he announced he would not run. He authored the legislation which created the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and other legislation to help alcoholics and addicts.

February 11:
1938: Clarence Snyder ("Home Brewmeister" in 1st, 2nd & 3rd editions) had his last drink.

February 12:
1945: World War II paper shortage forced reduction in size of the Big Book.

February 13:
1937: Oxford Groups "Alcoholic Squadron" met at the home of Hank Parkhurst ("The Unbeliever" in the 1st edition of the Big Book) in New Jersey.
1940: With about two years of sobriety, Jim Burwell ("The Vicious Cycle") moved to the Philadelphia area and started the first Philadelphia A.A. group.

February 14:
1971: AA groups worldwide held a memorial service for Bill Wilson.
2000: William Y., "California Bill" died in Winston Salem, NC.

February 15:
1946: AA Tribune, Des Moines, IA, reported 36 new members since Marty Mann had been there.

February 16:
1941: Baltimore Sunday Sun reported city's first AA group begun in 1940 had grown from 3 to 40 members, with five being women.

February 18:
1943: AA's were granted the right to use cars for 12th step work in emergency cases, despite gas rationing.

February 19:
1967: Father "John Doe" (Ralph Pfau), 1st Catholic Priest in AA, died.

February 20:
1941: The Toledo Blade published first of three articles on AA by Seymour Rothman.

February 21:
1939: 400 copies of the Big Book manuscript were sent to doctors, judges, psychiatrists, and others for comment. This was the "multilith" Big Book.

February 22:
1842: Abe Lincoln addressed the Washington Temperance Society in Springfield, IL.

February 24:
2002: Hal Marley, "Dr. Attitude of Gratitude," died. He had 37 years of sobriety. Hal testified, anonymously, before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on December 3, 1970.

February 26:
1999: Felicia Gizycka, author of "Stars Don't Fall," died. Born Countess Felicia Gizycka in 1905, she was the daughter of Count Josef Gizycki and Eleanor Medill Patterson. She married Drew Pearson in 1925 and divorced him three years later. She married Dudley de Lavigne in 1934, but the marriage lasted less than a year. In 1958 she married John Kennedy Magruder and divorced him in 1964. For most of her professional career, she went by the name Felicia Gizycka.

Other February happenings for which I have no specific date:

1908: Bill Wilson made boomerangand Three Ways to make a Boomerang.
1916: Bill Wilson & sophomore class at Norwich University was suspended for hazing.
1938: Rockefeller gave $5,000 to AA.
1939: Dr. Harry Tiebout endorsed AA, the first psychiatrist to do so.
1940: First organization meeting of Philadelphia AA is held at McCready Hustona's room at 2209 Delaney Street.
1940: 1st AA clubhouse opened at 334-1/2 West 24th Street, NYC.
1943: San Francisco Bulletin reporter Marsh Masline interviewed Ricardo, a San Quentin Prison AA group member.
1946: Baton Rouge, La., AA's hold their first anniversary meeting.
1946: The AA Grapevine reported the New York Seaman's Group issued a pamphlet for seamen "on one page the 12 Steps have been streamlined into 5."
1946: Des Moines Committee for Education on Alcoholism aired its first show on KRNT.
1946: Pueblo. Colorado, had a second group, composed of alcoholic State Hospital patients.
1951: Fortune magazine article about AA was published in pamphlet form.
1959: AA granted "Recording for the Blind" permission to tape the Big Book.
1963: Harpers carried article critical of AA.
1981: 1st issue of "Markings," AA Archives Newsletter, was published, "to give the Fellowship a sense of its own past and the opportunity to study it."

March 1:
1939: Readers Digest failed to write promised article on AA.
1941: Saturday Evening Post article by Jack Alexander created national sensation. AA membership quadrupled in one year from 2000 to 8000. The Story Behind Jack Alexander's Article

March 3:
1947: Nell Wing (hear her here), Bill's secretary and first archivist of AA, began her career at Alcoholic Foundation Office.

March 4:
1891: Lois Wilson was born.

March 5:
1945: Time Magazine reported Detroit radio broadcasts of AA members. Here is one.

March 9:
1941: Wichita Beacon reported AA member from NY who wanted to form a group in Wichita, Kansas.

March 11:
1947: A Priest in St. Paul, Minnesota, founded Calix International. Alcoholics in his parish met after Saturday morning Mass to discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday and how their faith melded with the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

March 12:
1940: Ebby Thatcher, Bill Wilson's boyhood friend and sponsor, was reported sober again.

March 14:
1941: South Orange, NJ, AA held an anniversary dinner at the Hotel Suburban with Bill Wilson as the guest speaker.

March 15:
1941: 1st AA group was formed in New Haven, Connecticut.

March 16:
1940: Bill moved the Alcoholic Foundation office to 30 Vesey St., NY. (30 Vesey St., NY, was almost destroyed on September 11, 2001.)

March 18:
1951: Cliff W. was elected 1st delegate from Southern California.

March 21:
1881: Anne Ripley, Dr. Bob's wife, was born.
1966: Ebby Thatcher, Bill Wilson's sponsor, died sober.

March 22:
1951: Dr. William Duncan Silkworth died at Towns Hospital.
1984: Clarence Snyder, founder of Cleveland AA and author of "Home Brewmeister," died at 81, 46 years sober.

March 23:
1936: Bill & Lois Wilson visited Fitz Mayo, "Our Southern Friend," in Maryland.
1941: Sybil C.'s sobriety date. She was the first woman to enter AA west of the Mississippi.

March 25:
1965: Richmond Walker, author of "Twenty-Four Hours a Day" book, died at age 72, almost 23 years sober.

March 29:
1943: The Charleston Mail, WV, reported that Bill Wilson had given a talk at St. John's Parish House.

March 31:
1947: 1st AA group was formed in London, England.

Other events in March, for which I have no exact date:

1942: 1st Prison AA Group formed at San Quentin.
1945: March of Time film was produced and supervised by E.M. Jellinek.
1946: The Jefferson Barracks AA Group in Missouri was formed. It is thought to be the first ever in a military installation.
April 1:
1939 - Alcoholics Anonymous AA's Big Book was published.
1940 - Larry J. of Houston, wrote The Texas Preamble used to open AA meetings in Texas.
1966 - Sister Ignatia died at the age of 77. She worked with Dr. Bob in treating many early AA members at St. Thomas Hospital in Akron.
1984 - 12 Coconuts Group, Kapiolani Park, Waikiki, Hawaii, was founded.

April 3:
1941 - First Florida AA meeting was held.

April 4:
1960 - The Chicago Daily News reported that Fr. Edward Dowling, Jesuit Priest who helped start the first AA group in St. Louis, had died at age 62.

April 7:
1941 - Ruth Hock reported there were 1,500 letters asking for help, as a result of the Saturday Evening Post Article by Jack Alexander.

April 10:
1939 - The first ten copies of the Big Book arrived at the office Bill shared with Hank Parkhurst in Newark, New Jersey.

April 11:
1938 - Alcoholic Foundation held its first meeting.
1939 - Marty Mann attended her first meeting a the home of Bill and Lois Wilson in Brooklyn.
1941 - Bill and Lois Wilson moved into their new home, Stepping Stones.

April 12:
1942 - The Windsor Daily Star in Ontario, Canada, reported that over 400 AA's attended a testimonial dinner for Dr. Bob.

April 16:
1940 - A sober Rollie Helmsley caught the only opening day no-hitter in baseball history since 1909.

1973 - Dr Jack Norris Chairman of the AA General Service Board, presented President Richard Nixon with the one-millionth copy of the Big Book at the White House.

April 17:
1941 - 2nd group in Los Angeles, the "Hole in the Ground Group" was formed.

April 19:
1940 - First AA group in Little Rock, Arkansas, was formed.
April 22:

1940: Bill Wilson transferred his Works Publishing Stock to the Alcoholic Foundation. The date on which Hank Parkhurst transferred his stock is uncertain.

April 23:
1940 - Dr. Bob wrote the Trustees to refuse Big Book royalties, but Bill Wilson insisted on them for Dr. Bob and Anne.

April 24:
1989 - Dr. Leonard Strong died. He was Bill's brother-in-law and an AA Trustee.

April 25:
1951 - AA's first General Service Conference was held.

April 26:
1939 - Bill & Lois Wilson moved in with Hank Parkhurst after the bank foreclosed on 182 Clinton St. This was the first of over 50 moves before they acquired Stepping Stones.

April 30:
1989 - The film "My Name is Bill W.," a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation, was broadcast at 9 p.m. on ABC TV.

Other April events for which we have no specific dates:

1940 - The "Texas Preamble" used to open meetings in Texas, was written by Larry J. of Houston.
1940 - The first AA pamphlet was published, entitled simply: "AA."
1958 - The word "honest" was dropped from "an honest desire to top drinking," in the AA Preamble.
1960 - Bill Wilson refused to be on the cover of Time Magazine.
1988 - Cybil C., the first woman member in Los Angeles and archivist, died.
May 1
1941 - First Wisconsin AA meeting was held in a Milwaukee hotel.

May 2
1941 - Jacksonville, FL, newspaper reported start of a new AA group.
1941 - First meeting was held in San Bernardino, California.

May 3
1941 - First AA group formed in New Orleans, Louisiana.
1943 - Democrat Chronicle in Rochester, NY, reported first annual AA dinner at Seneca Hotel with 60 attending.

May 4
1946 - Marty Mann explained Alcoholics Anonymous and the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism on the "We the People" radio show.

May 5
1940 - Washington, DC, Sunday Star reported formation of first AA group in the District of Columbia.

May 7
1956 - The first English AA Convention was held in Cheltenham, England.

May 8
1943 - Akron AA group had its 8th anniversary celebration with 500 present and sober.
1971 - Bill Wilson was buried in private ceremony.

May 10
1946 - Searcy W. had his last drink. (Searcy died September 30, 2003.)

May 11
1935 - From the Mayflower Hotel, Bill Wilson called Walter Tunks who referred him to Henrietta Seiberling who introduced Bill to Dr. Bob.

May 12
1935 - Mothers' Day - Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith met for the first time in Akron, Ohio, at the home of Henrietta Seiberling.

May 14
1948 - Long Beach, California. Central Office was opened.
1998 - Sybil C., first woman to enter A.A. west of the Mississippi, died. Her date of sobriety was March 23, 1941. Her name at the time was Sybil Maxwell, though she later opened her talks by saying, "My name is Sybil Doris Adams Stratton Hart Maxwell Willis C., and I'm an alcoholic."

May 15
1961 - Bill Wilson's mother, Emiliy Strobell, died.

May 16
1941 - Ruth Hock learned that Joe W. (credited with coming up with the name Alcoholics Anonymous) had a "wet brain."

May 17
1942 - The Journal-Herald in Dayton, Ohio, ran a story on A.A. with photos of members in Halloween masks to protect their anonymity.

May 18
1950 - Dr. Bob told Bill "I reckon we ought to be buried like other folks" after hearing that local A.A.'s wanted a huge memorial.

May 19
2000 - Dr. Paul Ohliger died at the age of 83. His story, "Doctor, Alcoholic, Addict," was retitled "Acceptance Was the Answer," in the 4th edition.

May 22
1948 - Atlantic City Group celebrated its second anniversary with Dr. C. Nelson Davis of St. Luke's Hospital, Philadelphia, and other A.A.s speaking.

May 28
1974 - The first World Service meeting of AA outside of America was held in London.

May 29
1980 - "Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers," AAWS biography of AA co-founder and a history of early Mid-west AA, was published.

May 31
1938 - Bill and other AA's began writing the Big Book.
Other May events for which we have no specific date:

1939 - Clarence Snyder told Dr. Bob, his sponsor, he would not be back to the Oxford Group meetings in Akron and would start an "A.A." meeting in Cleveland.
1942 - Richmond Walker, author of "Twenty-Four Hours a Day," had his last drink.
1946 - Long Form of Twelve Traditions was published in the AA Grapevine.
1946 - The AA Grapevine announced: "AA has 6,000 members in 180 groups."
1947 - Avalon, California (Catalina Island Group) was formed.
1948 - The AA Grapevine reported $2.00 was sent to the General Service headquarters of AA in New York, asking for a bottle of Alcoholics Anonymous.
1951 - Al-Anon was founded by Lois Wilson and Anne B.
June 1:
1949 - Anne Smith, Dr. Bob's wife, died.

June 4:
2002- Caroline Knapp, author of "Drinking: A Love Story" died sober of lung cancer.

June 5:
1940 - Ebby Thatcher took a job at the NY Worlds Fair.

June 6:
1940 - The first AA Group in Richmond, VA, was formed.
1979 - AA gave the two-millionth copy of the Big Book to Joseph Califano, then Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. It was presented by Lois Wilson, Bill's wife, in New York.

June 7:
1939 - Bill and Lois Wilson had an argument, the first of two times Bill almost slipped.
1941 - The first AA Group in St. Paul, Minnesota, was formed.

June 8:
1941 - Three AA's started a group in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

June 10:
1935 - The date that is celebrated as Dr. Bob's last drink and the official founding date of AA. There is some evidence that the founders, in trying to reconstruct the history, got the date wrong and it was actually June 17.

June 11:
1945 - Twenty-five hundred attend AA's 10th Anniversary in Cleveland, Ohio.
1969 - Dr. Bob's granddaughter, Bonna, daughter of Sue Smith and Ernie Galbraith (The Seven Month Slip in the First Edition) killed herself after first killing her six-year-old child.
1971 - Ernie Galbraith died.

June 13:
1945 - Morgan R. gave a radio appearance for AA with large audience. He was kept under surveillance to make sure he didn't drink.

June 15:
1940 - First AA Group in Baltimore, MD, was formed.

June 16:
1938 - Jim Burwell, "The Vicious Cycle" in Big Book, had his last drink.

June 17:
1942 - New York AA groups sponsored the first annual NY area meeting. Four hundred and twenty-four heard Dr. Silkworth and AA speakers.

June 18:
1940 - One hundred attended the first meeting in the first AA clubhouse at 334-1/2 West 24th St., New York City.

June 19:
1942 - Columnist Earl Wilson reported that NYC Police Chief Valentine sent six policemen to AA and they sobered up. "There are fewer suicides in my files," he commented.

June 21:
1944 - The first Issue of the AA Grapevine was published.

June 24:
1938 - Two Rockefeller associates told the press about the Big Book "Not to bear any author's name but to be by 'Alcoholics Anonymous.'"

June 25:
1939 - The New York Times reviewer wrote that the Big Book is "more soundly based psychologically than any other treatment I have ever come upon."

June 26:
1935 - Bill Dotson. (AA #3) entered Akron's City Hospital for his last detox and his first day of sobriety.

June 28:
1935 - Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson visited Bill Dotson at Akron's City Hospital.

June 30:
1941 - Ruth Hock showed Bill Wilson the Serenity Prayer and it was adopted readily by AA.
2000 - More than 47,000 from 87 countries attended the opening meeting of the 65th AA Anniversary in Minneapolis, MN.

Other significant events in June for which we have no specific date:

1948 - A subscription to the AA Grapevine was donated to the Beloit, Wisconsin, Public Library by a local AA member.
1981 - AA in Switzerland held its 25th Anniversary Convention with Lois Wilson and Nell Wing in attendance.

June 29- July 2:
1995 - 56,000 attend 60th Anniversary of AA in San Diego. What a party!

July 1-3:
1960 - 8700 attend 25th Anniversary of AA in Long Beach, CA

July 2
1960 - Father Ed Dowling dies

July 2
1965 - Best of Bill and Pocket-Sized 12 and 12 1st sold

July 2:
1965 - 1st La Vigne, Canadian Grapevine Published
July 2:
1993 - 50 years of AA celebrated in Canada

July 2:
2000 - 20 Millionth Big Book given to Al-Anon in Minneapolis

July 2-3:
1955 - Bill W turns "the fellowship over to the fellowship" at 4:00 PM,5000 attend 20th Anniversary at our St Louis Convention

July 2-4:
1965 - 10,000 attend 30th Anniversary of AA in Toronto. There we came to own our Responsibility Declaration

July 4:
1939 - 1st AA meeting started in Flatbush, NY

July 3-5:
1970 - 10,900 attend 35th Anniversary of AA in Miami. Bill W gave his last talk to AA

July 3-6:
1980 - 22,500 attend 45th Anniversary of AA in New Orleans First true marathon meeting was held here

July 4:
1999 - He who has a fifth on the fourth may not come forth on the fifth...

July 4-6:
1975 - 19,800 attend 40th Anniversary of AA in Denver Worlds largest coffee server serves 1/2 million cups a day

July 5:
1985 - AA gives Ruth Hock 5,000,000th Big Book during 50th AA Anniversary in Montreal, Canada

July 5:
1990 - AA gives Nell Wing 10,000,000th Big Book during 55th AA Anniversary in Seattle, WA

July 3-6:
1980 - Gay AA's have own program at 40th AA Anniversary in New Orleans

July 5-7:
1985 - 45,000 attend 50th Anniversary of AA in Montreal. House of Seagrams flew their flags at half mast for 3 days

July 7:
1940 - Bill attends 1st Summer Session at School of Alcohol Studies at Yale University

July 5-8:
1990 - 48,000 attend 55th Anniversary of AA in Seattle. 75 countries were represented as the former Soviet Unions members attended for the first time

July 8:
1940 - 1st AA Group formed in Dayton, Ohio

July 10:
1941 - Texas newspaper publishes anonymous letter from founding member of Texas AA Group

July 14:
1939 - Blythewood Sanitarium Dr Harry Tiebout gives Big Book to Marty M. who promptly throws it back at him

July 14:
1979 - Dr. Ernest Kurtz publishes NOT-GOD, History of AA

July 16:
1965 - Frank Amos AA Trustee dies

July 20:
1941 - First AA group formed in Seattle, Washington

July 22:
1877 - Willian Duncan Silkworth born in Brooklyn, NY

July 22:
1980 - Marty M. early AA woman and founder of NCADD dies

July 23:
1940 - Philly AA's send 10% of kitty to Alcoholic Foundation, sets precedent

July 23:
1943 - New Haven Register CT reports arrival of AA's to study with E. M. Jellinek

July 24:
1943 - L.A. press reports formation of all-Mexican AA Group

July 28-30:
1950 - 1st AA Convention celebrates 15th anniversary of AA in Cleveland

July 31:
1972 - Rollie H dies sober in Washington DC - July 31, 1972

1946 - Washington Times-Herald (DC) reports on AA clubhouse, to protect members anonymity, withholds

August 3:
1954 - Brinkley S. gets sober at Towns Hosp after 50th detox

August 3:
1989 - Liberty Bell Group founded in Lake Elsinore, CA - August 3, 1989

August 8:
1879 - Dr Bob S. is born in St Johnsbury, Vermont

August 9:
1890 - After Annual Picnic for 400, LA groups announce 1000 members in 11 groups

August 11:
1938 - Akron & NY members begin writing stories for Big Book

August 15:
1890 - E. M. Jellinek is born, author of The Disease Concept of Alcoholism and the Jellinek Curve

August 16:
1939 - Dr Bob and Sister Ignatia admit 1st alcoholic to St Thomas Hospital, Akron, Ohio

August 18:
1988 - 1st Canadian National AA Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 19:
1941 - 1st AA Meeting in Colorado is held in Denver

August 25:
1943 - AA group donates Big Book to public library in Quincy, MA

August 26:
1941 - Bill writes Dr Bob to tell him Works Publishing has been incorporated

August 28:
1954 - 24 Hours a Day is published by Richmond W
Other significant events in August for which we have no specific date:

1941 - 1st meeting in Orange County, California held in Anaheim

1981 - -Sales of the Big Book passes 3,000,000

September 1:
1939 - 1st AA group founded in Chicago

September 11:
2001 - 30 Vesey St, New York, AA's first Office is damaged during the World Trade Center attack

September 11:
2001 - Father Mychal J., September 15, 1979 Died sober in the World Trade Center attack

September 12:
1942 - U.S. Assist. Surgeon General Kolb speaks at dinner for Bill and Dr Bob

September 13:
1937 - Florence R, 1st female in AA in NY

September 13:
1941 - WHJP in Jacksonville, FL airs Spotlight on AA

September 18:
1947 - Dallas Central Office opens its doors

September 19:
1975 - Jack Alexander, author of Saturday Evening Post article, dies

September 21:
1938 - Bill W & Hank P form Works Publishing Co

September 24:
1940 - Bill 12 steps Bobbie V who replaced Ruth Hock as his secretary in NY

September 30:
!939 - Morris Markey runs story on AA, Alcoholics and God in Liberty Magazine

September 30:
1975 - Bill W a biography by Robert T is published

September 30:
2003 - Searcy W. died today, sober 20,962 days in a row

Other significant events in September for which we have no specific date:

1948 - 1st issue of Grapevine published in "pocketbook" size

1946 - 1st AA group in Mexico City is formed

October 1:
1941 - Local news reports 1st AA Group in New Haven, CT

October 1:
1957 - Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age is published

October 2:
1944 - National Comm. for Education on Alcoholism formed

October 3:
1945 - AA Grapevine adopted as national publication of AA

October 6:
1941 - 900 dine at Cleveland dinner for Bill D, AA #3

October 6:
1988 - Lois W, Bills wife and a co-founder of Al-Anon, dies at age 97

October 8:
1988 - Memorial Service for Lois W at Stepping Stones, NY

October 10:
1943 - 6 of 1st 9 AA's attend clubhouse anniv. in Toledo

October 10:
1970 - Lois reads "Bills Last Message annual dinner in NY

October 10:
1988 - Lois is buried next to Bill in Manchester, Vermont

October 13:
1939 - Bill W. gets his drivers license

October 13:
1947 - "The Melbourne Group" held its first meeting in Australia

October 15:
1904 - Marty M, early AA woman, is born in Chicago

October 17:
1935 - Ebby T, Bills sponsor, moves in with Bill and Lois

October 21:
1939 - Cleveland Plain Dealer begins series on AA by Eldrick B. Davis

October 22:
1963 - E M Jellinek, alcoholism educator and AA friend dies

October 22:
1949 - Florence R, AA's 1st sober woman, begins drinking again, commits suicide

October 24:
1942 - L.A. Times reports AA groups in 14 California cities

October 24:
1973 - Trustee's Archives Committee of AA has its 1st meeting

October 28:
1994 - National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence celebrates 50 years

Other significant events in October for which we have no specific date:

1942 - 1st issue of Cleveland Central Bulletin is published

1951 - Lasker Award presented to AA in San Francisco

1958 - Playhouse 90 TV airs "The Days of Wine and Roses"

November 1:
1947 - 1st AA Group in Anchorage, Alaska

November 1:
1963 - Reverend Sam Shoemaker dies

November 3:
2001 - J.P. Miller, wrote screenplay for "The Days of Wine and Roses" died

November 9:
1966 - President Johnson appoints Marty M to the 1st National Advisory Committee on Alcoholism

November 10:
1940 - 1st AA group formed in Minneapolis

November 10:
2001 - 1st of 400,000 4th Edition Big Books arrives in the mail

November 11:
1934 - Bill W's final drunk begins on Veterans Day and lasts about a month

November 12:
1940 - 1st AA meeting is held in Boston

November 13:
1939 - Bill wants to go back to work, NY drunks want him to stay on as head of the movement November 13, 1939

November 14:
1940 - Alcoholic Foundation publishes 1st AA Bulletin

November 15:
1949 - Bill W suggests that groups devote Thanksgiving week to discussions of the 12 Traditions

November 16:
1950 - Dr Bob S dies in Akron, Ohio

November 21:
1939 - AA's in San Francisco hold 1st California AA meeting in the Clift Hotel -

November 21:
1952 - Willard Richardson, past Treasurer/Chairman of Alcoholic Foundation, dies

November 26:
1895 - William Griffith W. born, East Dorset, VT

November 26:
1939 - Hank P writes Bill advocating autonomy for all AA groups

Other significant events in November for which we have no specific date:

1936 - Fitz M leaves Towns Hospital to become AA #3 in NY with Bill W and Hank P

1941 - "First Mass AA Meeting" in Oklahoma City, 8 present, 1 was drunk

1986 - The Big Book is published in paperback

December 1:
1940 - Chicago Daily Tribune begins a series of articles on AA by Nall Hamilton

December 2:
1943 - Bill speaks to 300 at meeting inside San Quentin

December 5:
1985 - Dave B, founder of Montreal Group dies weeks before 50th anniversary Now his story is in the 4th Edition Big Book.

December 6:
1939 - Bert the Tailor lends Works Publishing $1000

December 6:
1979 - Akron Beacon reports death of Henrietta Sieberling

December 7:
1949 - Sister Ignatia accepts Poverello Medal of St Francis on AA's behalf

December 8:
1997 - "AsWeSeeIt" emailing list started December 8, 1997

December 10:
1975 - "Birds of a Feather" AA group for pilots is formed

December 11:
1941 - Dallas Morning News reports 1st AA group formed in Dallas

December 12:
1934 - Bill has Spiritual Experience at Towns Hospital

December 12:
1937 - Bill meets with Rockefeller Foundation and tries to get money

December 13:
1937 - Rockland State Mental Hospital takes patients to meeting in New Jersey

December 19:
1939 - Drunks in Los Angeles hold their 1st AA meeting there

December 20:
1945 - Rowland Hazard dies (he carried the OG message to Ebby)

December 27:
1893 - Rev Samuel Shoemaker is born

Other significant events in December for which we have no specific date:

1938 - Using Oxford Group principles, Bill closes the loopholes and changes the 6 steps to 12 -

1940 - 1st AA group formed in St. Louis, Missouri

1934 - Bill & Lois start attending Oxford Group meetings

1982 - Nell Wing retires from GSO after 35 years of service

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