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Updated Friday, October 30th,

Mask Policy

Mask's are required to be inside facility.

As per the state mandate and at the recommendation of the board of directors, masks are required to be warn when in this facility. We have had a lot of complaints about people not wearing masks and members that are not coming because people are not complying.

We appreciate your help with this.

We still ask to help with the cleaning and request in anyone has any extra sanitizing wipes, bring them in. Great job so far in helping us keep things clean.


Lake Area Club  Needs You

Hey everyone Mike P here, I started my Recovery journey in 2012.  I came to meetings at the LAC and I felt like I was an outsider. Well I was and I needed to belong, I needed to get away from being in this world by myself.  One of the things that helped me was to become a Member of the Lake Area Club.  At the beginning $90.00 seemed almost impossible.  I asked myself these questions, 1. When I was using did not having $90.00 ever keep from getting what I needed? (Nope) 2. Am I willing to go to any length to stay Sober? (Yes) 3. Will I trust my higher power to enable me to come up with $90.00 (Not Sure)  I started praying for him to lead the way, and Bam within a short time I found I had $90.00.  You know the crazy thing was, now that I had the money I found myself saying things like I use to say before recovery.  The Kids need this and that, I need gas for the car and on and on I went.  I shared what I was thinking with a member and they reminded me that I prayed he answered and I needed to respond to him, I gave that money to the club. 

Here are some of the things that becoming a member of the LAC has brought to me.  When I walked into the club, I no longer felt like I was an outsider.  I started to hang around the club a little more and met more friends in recovery.  On cold winter days I had a warm cup of coffee, when I had only a dollar for the basket at the AA meeting. The Club sponsors events throughout the year, and in my mind I said before becoming a member no I am not going. After paying dues I just felt like part of the family. Since becoming a member I have always had a safe haven that I could go to and feel like I belonged. 

Lake Area Club needs you to consider becoming a member, try it see what happens.  Where else for $7.50 per month can you keep the doors of a club open, that can save the lives of those who suffer from Addiction, Alcoholism, and provide meetings for those who have been impacted by the Alcoholic or Addict.

Become a Member through the Website: www.lakeareaclub.com   or fill out a membership envelope.  The envelopes are in the main meeting room on the front table or in the lower right hand corner of the brown wooden boxes to the left of the Counter in the Lobby Area



Link for Saturday Night Open Speaker Meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 831 5037 1798
Password: Bigbook$


  • AA  8:00 am - Topic Mtg

  • AA  9:30 am - AA Literature Mtg

  • AA  11:00 am - Step/Topic Mtg

  • AA  6:00 pm - Big Book Mtg

  • NA  7:00 pm 

  • AA  8:00 pm


  • AA  9:00 am - Positive Attitude Mtg

  • AA  6:30 pm  - Topic Mtg

  • AL  7:00 pm  

  • AA  8:00 pm  (1)


  • AL  9:00 am

  • OA  10:30 am

  • AA  1:00 pm - Step/Topic Mtg

  • AA  4:00 pm

  • NA  7:00 pm

  • GA  7:00 pm

  • AA  7:00 pm - Lifehouse Beginners Mtg


  • AA   8:00 am - Topic Mtg

  • AA  10:00 am - Back to Basics

  • AA  2:00 pm - Women's Only

  • AA  6:00 pm - Step/Topic Mtg

  • AL  7:00 pm

  • AL-T  7:00 pm

  • CA  7:00 pm

  • AA  8:00 pm


  • AA  10:00 am - Step/Topic Mtg

  • AA  4:00 pm

  • NA  7:00 pm

  • AA  8:00 pm - Grapevine Mtg


  • AA  12:30 pm - Step/Topic Mtg

  • AA  4:00 pm

  • AA  8:00 pm - Step/Topic Mtg


  • AA  8:30 am  (7)

  • AA  10:00 am - Big Book Mtg

  • OP  7:00 pm - 2nd & 4th Saturday's

  • OO  8:00 pm - A Christ-centered Fellowship that "Bridges the gap between 12 Step Recovery Groups and Churches of ALL denominations"

AA = Alcoholics Anonymous

NA = Narcotics Anonymous

GA = Gamblers Anonymous

AL = Al-Anon

AL-T = Alateen

OP = Open Meeting

OO = Overcomers Outreach

OA = Overeaters Anonymous

CA = Cocaine Anonymous

       Non Drug Specific

AD = Addicts Anonymous

(1) 12x12 Study Group
(2) Back To Basics Beginners' Meeting
(3) Women's Group
(4) Big Book
(5) 2nd and 4th Saturday Speaker Meeting open to the public
(6) Study Group 
(7) Big Book/12x12 Study Group
(8) A Christ-centered Fellowship that "Bridges the gap between 12 Step Recovery Groups and Churches of ALL denominations"



Here at Lake Area Club, we are driven by a single goal; To provide a place to meet and socialize for persons affected by, and  interested in the arrestment the disease alcoholism or other addictive dependencies.

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