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Group Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the Group’s finances consistent with Tradition Seven, “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions”.  Group funds, received through meeting collections, are used for rent, A.A. literature, meeting lists, coffee/refreshments and support of A. A. service entities, usually monthly or quarterly.

The following are suggested duties of group Treasurer:

  • Pass the collection basket at each meeting.

  • Maintain simple, accurate records of income and expenses as well as a bank account where appropriate according to group conscience.

  • Pay rent to the meeting place landlord.

  • Report the group’s financial condition at business meetings.

  • Reimburse suppliers for refreshments and related expenses.

  • Pay for A.A. literature and meeting books.

  • Maintain a prudent reserve equivalent to two months’ group expenses.

  • Subject to group conscience, disburse group funds in excess of a prudent reserve to A.A. service entities.  A.A.’s General Service Conference pamphlet, “Self-Supporting Through Our Own Contributions” provides information on the suggested distribution of group funds.  The free pamphlet is available on request from New York Inter-Group.

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