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Group Secretary


Secretary Training - Alcoholics Anonymous Cleveland (

Suggested length of sobriety: Subject to group conscience, at least ninety days. Suggested term of office: Subject to group conscience, six months.

Group Secretaries, like Chairpersons, need to be good all-around group servants.  A.A. experience suggests that Group Secretaries function most effectively with a background in other group offices.

The following duties are suggested:

  • Announce information about A.A. activities and events.

  • Maintain and update a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL file of names and telephone numbers of group members (subject to each member’s and group conscience approval); and know which members are available for Twelfth-Step calls.

  • Maintain a record of members’ anniversaries (subject to group conscience).

  • Maintain a Group bulletin board for posting A.A. announcements and newsletters.

  • Inform the General Service Office and New York Inter-Group in writing of any changes of address, meeting place, meeting time and group officers.

  • Provide New York Inter-Group with a current list of group member names and phone numbers as group Twelfth-Step contacts.

  • Accept and assign calls for Twelfth-Step help (unless there is a Twelfth-Step Chairperson for this task).

  • Share with group members all mail from the A.A. General Service Office, A.A. World Services, The Grapevine, The General Service Conference Committee of Southeastern New York (S.E.N.Y.) and New York Inter-Group.

  • Subject to group conscience, maintain a literature table in the group meeting place. Experience suggests that the following A.A. General Service Conference approved books are often in demand: “Alcoholic Anonymous” (The Big Book), “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions”, “Living Sober”, “Came to Believe”, “A.A. Comes of Age”, “Daily Reflections”, “As Bill Sees It”, “Pass It On” and “Dr. Bob and The Good Old Timers”.  A supply of A.A. pamphlets, especially those for beginners, and New York area Meeting Books are also suggested.

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